Mesquite Toes Fashion Show Packs House

With attendees and participants keeping in mind a “Shop Mesquite” goal, the showcase featured men and women’s clothing from local merchants.

Rudy Gjurkovic and Stewart King were the first models out, setting the tone for the rest of the show. There was no hesitation from the male models willing to strut their stuff; Hugh Goulding showed off the tattoo under his golf shorts as audience members cheered.

The exhibition proved males aren’t above having a wardrobe malfunction. They could not find their designer watches to be displayed, causing a slight pause in the show.

The female models – Theresa King, Brenda Mangus, Carol Harris, Donna Eads, Judy Mae Dramer, and Debby Wasky – also did an excellent job of wearing the attire, pausing for the audience to get a good look and feel the material. No one rushed through it, an approach appreciated by the audience.

Local shops participating were: Conestoga Golf Club Pro Shop, Falcon Ridge Golf Shop, His & Hers Fashions, J.S. Merchant Gift Shop, and Juniper Outpost. The audience was shown appealing outfits that can be purchased here in Mesquite.

Mesquite Toes Dance Troupe has been designated as goodwill ambassadors for the City of Mesquite. The proceeds of the fashion show go toward upkeep on their beautiful costumes, rent, and utilities.

The tasty buffet luncheon left nothing to complain about. Complimentary champagne and soft drinks were included, along with desserts.

There were door prizes and raffle prizes, cleverly drawn at scattered times, allowing for costume changes.

Live, bubbly music was provided by the Fusion Trio: Rita Hermie, Brent Pettit and Bob Blood. Jean and Kent Archibald provided the stylish table decorations.

One attendee on her way out was overheard saying, “What a fun afternoon,” which described it all.

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