Toes Fashion Show Collects for Food Bank

“Virgin Valley Family Services Community Food Bank and Thrift Store is their legal name and quite a mouthful,” said Leslee Montgomery as she and Gladys Smith accept generous donations from both the Mosquite-Toes Tap Team  board members and MCT manager. The donations were collected at the Toes Christmas Benefit Show in 2015 and during their annual fashion show held Feb 11 at the Mesquite Lutheran Church.

On Feb 11 the Mesquite-Toes Tap Team held their annual Fashion Show with models displaying clothing from local vendors such as Klasik Kloset, 2Da9z, Ready Golf and Gear, City Shoppes, Bealls, Steven’s Boutique and Have Boutique and Will Travel.

Before the fashionable models stepped out in front of the crowd, guests were treated to a luncheon of chicken salad on croissants, where were homemade by Diane Wright, cold pear soup, cake and champagne.

After lunch Vicki Eckman and the rest of the MTT board members presented a check from the Toes Christmas Benefit performance for over two thousand dollars to the “Virgin Valley Family Services Community Food Bank and Thrift Shop.” The donation was graciously received by volunteers Gladys Smith and Leslee Montgomery for the eleventh year.

Mesquite Community Theatre (MCT) manager, Bunny Wiseman, iced that cake with a generous donation from the MCT as well. Wiseman presented the VVFSCFB with a check that amounted to the ticket fees they collected for the Mesquite-Toes Christmas Benefit Show. “It’s not as large as the one the Toes presented but it was every penny we had,” said Wiseman.

Fashions from Klasik Kloset, 2Da9z, Bealls, Have Boutique Will Travel, Coty Shoppes Embroidery, Ready Golf and Gear, and Steven’s Boutique were modeled by lovely ladies and Bill Eads during the Mesquite-Toes Tap Team’s annual fashion show.

The atmosphere was jovial as the ladies paraded the fashions of various local businesses among the guests, some taking just a little bit more time to show off some bling as well. Models were decked out, accessorized and looked quite stunning as they gave each guest an up close and personal view of the outfit while Toes Member Mary Jane Vandeweghe announced the descriptions of each outfit.

For donations to the Virgin Valley Family Services Community Food Bank and Thrift Store please drop them at 103 W. 1st South St. For more information on the Toes check them out at

Mesquite-Toes Tap Team held their annual fashion show on Feb 11 at the Mesquite Lutheran Church. Judy Dunker, while modeling the clothes from Have Boutique Will Travel, just couldn’t resist pointing out to the ladies and men the very fashionable “bling” she sported on her right hand, which is also available at the boutique. The “bling” was very nice but nothing could outshine that smile.
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